Age-Appropriate Transition Assessment

Introduction to Course
In this course, you will apply the guidelines for choosing an appropriate transition assessment and gain knowledge on the methods for conducting quality and comprehensive assessment.
Course Objectives
  • Become familiar with the requirements of IDEA regarding transition assessment
  • Be able to apply the guidelines for choosing and using appropriate transition assessments
  • Understand how to conduct transition assessment and the various assessment approaches
  • Be able to distinguish between formal and informal assessment procedures
Guiding Questions
  • What planning areas do you typically assess with your current or former students?
  • How has transition assessment looked for students with high and low-incidence disabilities on your caseload?
  • What approaches do you use to assess your students’ transition needs? Why?
  • What is your process for collecting student assessment data?
  • Who are the assessment partners that have contributed assessment information to inform transition planning?

Lessons & Additional Resources

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Case Studies