Pathways to Community Life

Introduction To Course

Welcome to our course on Pathways to Community Life!  A crucial aspect of preparing students for life after high school includes giving them the keys to live and navigate their world as independently as possible. Independence looks different for each one of us. Each student will have different needs and preferences. However, regardless of their individual needs and environment, all students need support in preparing to navigate their life outside the school walls.

Course Objectives
  • Understand the importance of preparing students for independent living and community participation after graduation
  • Identify core community life skills to address with students
  • Demonstrate ability to apply systematic instructional practices to teaching community life skills
  • Understand how to effectively use community-based instruction to teach community life skills
  • Have the skills needed to write meaningful, measurable postsecondary goals in independent living/community participation and understand their relationship to the rest of the transition plan
Guiding Questions
  • How do I prepare my students for independent living and community participation after graduation?
  • How are my students’ voices included in developing their postsecondary goals in independent living and community participation?
  • How many opportunities do my students have to work on skills in the community?
  • What kind of teaching strategies do I use to address community life skills?
  • How can I get my students’ families involved in helping students develop independent living and community participation skills?

Lessons & Additional Resources

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Case Studies