Developing a High-Quality Transition Plan

Introduction To Course
Welcome to our course on Developing a High-Quality Transition Plan! A meaningful transition plan serves as the cornerstone of the transition planning process, and builds the bridge to students’ post school success.
Course Objectives
  • Understand the best practices and IDEA 2004 requirements for developing the transition component of the IEP
  • Have the skills needed to write meaningful, measurable postsecondary goals and understand their relationship to the rest of the transition plan
  • Demonstrate ability to identify age-appropriate transition services that align with postsecondary goals
  • Understand how to design a multi-year course of study that aligns with postsecondary goals
  • Have the skills needed to write annual IEP goals that track both academic and functional progress and are aligned with postsecondary goals
  • Understand the key components in a summary of performance and its role in transition planning
  • Understand how to effectively involve students in planning and leading their own IEP meeting
  • Identify all of the key players in the IEP meeting and understand their roles/responsibilities
Guiding Questions
  • Do my students’ transition plans contain all of the components of a quality transition plan? Which components may be missing?
  • What is my process when developing postsecondary goals for my students? What factors do I take into consideration?
  • How can I get my students’ families involved in the transition process and planning? What is their role in transition planning?
  • How can I partner with related service providers to meaningfully include them in the planning process?
  • What steps can I take to increase my students’ participation in all aspects of the transition planning process?
  • What do I consider when writing a course of study? Do I revise it when necessary?
  • When writing a summary of performance, how am I including student input? What questions could I be asking my students to get more input from them?

Lessons & Additional Resources

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Sample IEPs

Check out examples of IEPs based on the three case studies we’re following throughout this course.

Keenan’s IEP

Rosa’s IEP

John’s IEP

“Players of the Game” Video Gallery

A successful transition to life after high school is a collective responsibility of the entire interagency IEP team. Watch key players of the IEP team share how they contribute to IEP meetings focused on transition.

Supplemental Materials

Case Studies