Centers for Independent Living

What should I know about Centers for Independent Living?

Centers for Independent Living are community-based, non-residential agencies for individuals with disabilities that provide an array of independent living services. There 6 centers throughout the state. The following locations serve surrounding counties in the region:

  • Knoxville (disABILITY Resource Center)
  • Nashville (Empower TN)
  • Memphis (Memphis Center for Independent Living)
  • Paris (TARP Center for Independent Living)
  • Chattanooga (Tri-State Resource and Advocacy Corp.)
  • Jackson (Jackson Area Center for Independent Living)

Services and programs vary depending on the location, but include:

  • Information and Referral
  • Independent Living Skills Training
  • Transition to Home Based Services
  • Peer Support
  • Technology Courses
  • Braille Services
  • Advocacy Resources
  • Controls 4 Control (equip personal vehicles with hand controls) (Middle Tennessee location only)

What should students know about Centers for Independent Living?

  • Centers for Independent Living are located across the state.
  • These centers help you live independently after you graduate. These centers are non-residential.
  • They can help you with:
    • Household budgeting
    • Writing job applications and interviewing
    • Taking care of yourself
    • Cooking
    • Personal safety
  • These centers can sometimes provide you with technology you need to work and live independently

How can I partner with the Centers for Independent Living?

  • Collaborate with your local Center for Independent Living for a series of independent living skill lessons. Here are some examples of topics to cover:
    • Assistive technology in the workplace
    • Transportation skills
    • Budgeting and paying bills

    If a CIL representative can’t attend many in-person classes, consider having them record a lesson on Zoom or Skype. Play this video in class, combined with activities.

  • Invite a CIL representative to come for an afternoon and be interviewed by students about independent living skills.

How do I contact the Centers for Independent Living?

Access the contact information for the Center of Independent Living in your region on this directory


Where do I find more information about Centers for Independent Living?

Video and Downloadable Resource: Transition TN Supports and Partnerships

Individual Center Websites are found here:

  • Empower TN website
  • TRAC website
  • Jackson Center for Independent Living website
  • TARP Center for Independent living website
  • Memphis Center for Independent Living website