Family and Caregiver Supports

These resources provide support to the family, caregivers, and relatives surrounding a person with disabilities through alternate care, support groups, mentorship, and advice from other parents.

State Matching Program

Provides a one-to-one “match” for families with children who have special healthcare needs, disabilities, or mental health challenges. Experienced parents provide emotional support to families and assist them in finding information and resources at a state level.

Parents Encouraging Parents

A statewide parent-to-parent network established in the Tennessee Department of Health to offer support and information to parents of children with a disability, chronic illness, or special need. Support parents, trained volunteers who have developed effective coping skills and strategies in parenting a child with special needs, are matched with referred parents–parents with a child who is newly diagnosed, in crisis or transition, or simply in need of support and information.

Family Voices of TN

Connects families with children with various disabilities and health needs with each other, community resources, experienced parent mentors, tools to navigate complex systems in healthcare and insurance, and more.

Support and Training for Exceptional Parents

Provides trainings, workshops, webinars and one on one assistance to empower parents to become effective partners with professionals in planning appropriate educational programs for their children.

Family Support Program

Provides supports such as respite care, day care services, home modifications, equipment, supplies, personal assistance, transportation, homemaker services, housing costs, health-related needs, nursing and counseling.

TN Respite Coalition

Provides relief to families and caregivers who are providing ongoing care to adults with disabilities through a voucher program, senior companion program, and helpline to receive services.