Postsecondary Education

Some students might want to continue to go to school after graduation. These resources will help families learn about college options. Some of the resources also include information on how to pay for these programs.

Planning and Funding Your Child’s Education: Post-Secondary Schools

Provides an overview of postsecondary education options, along with resources for funding. This section is part of a comprehensive overview of financial planning for families who have children with disabilities.

Transitioning to College: Tips for Parents to Help Students with Intellectual Disabilities Think About College

Provides family members with suggestions for easing the transition to college.

TN Inclusive Higher Education Alliance

Provides information about all of Tennessee’s inclusive higher education programs. Inclusive higher education programs provide students with intellectual disability the opportunity to continue their education after high school. They focus on preparing students for independent living and employment.

Pathways to Postsecondary Education Course

Provides information on postsecondary education for students with disabilities. The lessons and downloadable resources in this course are helpful for parents as well.

Financial Aid Charts

Provides an overview of funding services available to Tennessee students with disabilities pursuing postsecondary education.