Ready for Industry provides high school upperclassmen a foundation to step into a career path with an understanding of the industry and knowledge of terms and expectations:
-Introduces the five industries with the most in-demand, living-wage career pathways
-Helps the job seeker understand the industry and the types of jobs that are available
-Reviews general education and career pathways in the industry
-Provides the job seeker with knowledge of common terminology and tasks
-Introduces basic safety, privacy and security issues
-Reviews current topical issues and trends in the industry

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RFI is also available in Arkansas, Louisiana and Alabama.

Presenter Bios:
Rick Harris has worked for over 20 years supporting and promoting tools for Workforce and Career and Technical education. He served in both sales and training roles for KeyTrain and Career Ready 101 and traveled throughout the US supporting those products. Rick went to work for ACT in 2013 as their lead trainer for the ACT WorkKeys system. He recently retired from ACT and is now a trainer and consultant for Ready For Industry.

Sheila Boyington, P.E., has served as the co-founder of Ready for Industry and Learning Blade. She was also the co-creator of ACT-acquired KeyTrain® for WorkKeys® which has been hailed as the most effective system for improving basic skills, used by millions of students/clients in high schools, community colleges, CareerOneStops, and major corporations throughout the United States and abroad.