“Dignity of risk” emphasizes that people with disabilities should have control over their daily lives and the opportunity to own the consequences of their choices. In this webcast, we will address the importance of dignity of risk in the transition process, present a model for assessing risk, and offer practical strategies for facilitating risk to support post-school success. The webcast will include first-person stories rooted in the lived experience of disability.


Dr. Jennifer Bumble
Dr. Bumble is an assistant professor of inclusive education at the University of Missouri St. Louis. Previously, she worked as a middle school special educator in Texas and an EL educator in South Korea. Her efforts focus on building social capital during the transition process and empowering communities to become more aware of and responsive to the pressing needs of transition-age youth with disabilities.

Christopher Worth
Mr. Worth is a community organizer, sexuality educator, and college instructor. He was born with cerebral palsy and later diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia. Christopher was misdiagnosed with an intellectual disability and was not given access to the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic until the age of eleven. Even though they present many challenges, he sees his disabilities as gifts and strengths. His experience reacting, responding, and using these challenges is the dominant lens through which he approaches all of his work.