We are eager to announce that Transition Tennessee has three new student lessons available. You will find a variety of activities within each lesson including role-play scenarios, interactive games, and classroom and community-based activities.


New Lesson: Benefits of Going to Work

As students explore their options for going to work, it is important for them to think about how having a job may impact their life. This lesson provides opportunities for students to learn about how getting a job can impact their Social Security Income benefits and the process of contacting a benefits counselor who can help them. It will also guide them in learning about the personal and professional benefits of working.


New Lesson: Types of Postsecondary Education

As students explore postsecondary education options, it is important for them to understand all of their options so that they choose a program that will support their interests, preferences, and specific career goals. This lesson provides opportunities for students to learn about the similarities and differences between the 4 main types of postsecondary education.


New Lesson: Preparing to Continue My Education

As students prepare to attend a college or training program after high school, it is important for them to understand all of the steps that are involved with applying and being admitted. This lesson provides opportunities for students to learn about planning, admission, finances, outcomes, and the types of supports that are available for students when they begin to explore their options for continuing their education.


  • Pre-ETS Connections: Postsecondary Education Counseling
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  • The Activity Plan for instructors offers guidance on implementing this lesson

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