I Want to Continue My Education

These four courses will prepare you for continuing your education after high school.

How do I explore my options for continuing my education?

These three lessons will provide you with information and strategies for how to explore your options when planning to continue your education after high school. They will help you to identify your career pathways and goals, explore the types of higher education, and prepare for your postsecondary education experience. Gathering information about yourself, while exploring colleges, certifications, and training options will help you make an informed decision as you prepare and plan for your future career.

Types of Postsecondary Education

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Preparing to Continue My Education

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Career Pathways and Goals

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What are my needs, rights, and responsibilities when I continue my education?

The three lessons below are here to teach you about specific ways your needs, rights, and responsibilities change as you leave high school and continue your education at a university, community college, technical school, or specific job-related training program. Exploring your rights and responsibilities will help you prepare to be a strong self-advocate.

Rights and Responsibilities Change After High School

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Disability Disclosure in College

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Communication in College

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