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Communication in College

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Review the Communication in College Fact Sheet along with any other resources and complete the activity below.

Think about...

  • In college, who will you need to communicate with about your needs?
  • What is the difference between effective and poor communication?
  • Why do you think it is important to communicate effectively when requesting support or accommodations?
  • What are the consequences of communicating poorly with your professors when requesting accommodations or support?
  • To be a strong self-advocate, should you communicate aggressively, assertively, or passively about your needs?


  • Read each situation as if you are in a college environment
  • Read each response option and rate it as Effective or Poor
  • Click Start Activity below to begin or download the fillable
  • Communication Rating Form
  • Answer the reflection questions when you’re finished
    • What do you think your professor or classmates would think if you responded to all of these situations using poor communication?
    • What are the benefits of using effective communication in college?
  • Download the
  • Communication Rating Form and create your own situation with poor and effective response options

Review the Communication in College Fact Sheet along with any other resources and complete the activity below.


  • Set up an informational interview in person, on the phone, or virtually with a faculty member or staff in the Office of Disability Services or Office of Admissions at a college
  • Download the Interview Recording Sheet
  • Ask the person you are interviewing the questions and record their responses
  • Answer the reflection questions as you think about the importance of communicating effectively when you continue your education


  • What does being an effective communicator mean?
  • How does communicating effectively help you to be a strong self-advocate?
  • What are some differences between the way you ask for help from your friends or family and the way you communicate your needs and ask for help from a professor or other staff at a college?
  • When you are talking, writing, or listening in college, how can you make sure that you are communicating effectively?

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