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Gathering Your Resources

A transition portfolio is a collection of items that demonstrate your knowledge, skills, interests, needs, and goals. Fill out the form below and use it as a starting point for a new portfolio or add it to a portfolio you already have.

  1. Enter your name.
  2. To save your form, enter your email address or your instructor’s email address. This form will only be sent to the email address you enter.
  3. Answer each question and fill out the form.
  4. Click Submit and check your email.
  5. Now you can print the document or save it as a digital file to add to your transition portfolio.​

An important step in the college or training program search process is to find resources that can help support you as you continue your education. During this activity, you will track the areas where you already have resources, the areas where you need resources, and create a list of questions you have about the resources.

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