How Do I Save My Progress?

There are no logins or profiles on Transition Tennessee’s website for students and no personalized data is collected about you when you visit the site. This means that none of your data is saved online. You are encouraged to monitor your own progress with the Student Lesson Tracker. You can save any of the work you complete to a folder on your computer or print them and add them to a folder or notebook.

The Role-Play Scenario Does Not Display Correctly

This may be a browser compatibility issue. Please see below for our recommended browser for each platform.

PC: Google Chrome (latest version), Firefox (latest version)

Mac: Safari (latest version)

iOS: Safari (latest version)

Android: Google Chrome (latest version)

If you continue to have issues, please contact us through Please include information on the error and your device’s information and we will be in touch.

I Didn’t Receive an Email After Completing the My Portfolio Activity

Typically you should receive the email with the completed form within a few minutes after completing the activity. If you don’t receive it, it is possible that it went into a spam folder. If it isn’t in a spam folder, it is possible that your email protection settings may have blocked it. In this case, try sending it to an alternate email account, such as a Gmail account if available.

Some Buttons Aren’t Working When I Click Them

Some buttons display content in pop-ups. Please check to see if your browser is blocking pop-ups.

I am Experiencing a Different Issue

If you experience an issue with the website that keeps you from learning or instructing please let us know through

TransitionTN Student Website