I Want to Go to Work

These four courses will guide you to prepare for the world of work.

How do I explore my work options?

The three lessons below are here to teach you about strategies and actions you can take to explore your work options. Taking time to gather information about yourself and putting effort into investigating job options may lead to learning about exciting opportunities you never knew existed. Exploring your options will help you to make an informed decision as you transition from being a high school student to an employee.

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Learn more about your job interests, strengths, and needs.

Labor Markets and Types of Employment
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Explore different types of jobs that are available to you.

Benefits of Going to Work
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Understand how you can explore and experience work while receiving Supplemental Security Income.

What are my needs, rights, and responsibilities at work?

The three lessons below are here to teach you about specific ways your needs, rights, and responsibilities change as you leave high school and enter the workplace. Exploring your rights and responsibilities will help you prepare to be a strong self-advocate as you make the transition from being a student in high school to an employee.

Rights and Responsibilities Change After High School
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Learn more about how your rights and responsibilities change when you get a job.

Disability Disclosure in the Workplace
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Understand your options for sharing information about your disability and needs with the people you work with.

Communication in the Workplace
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Explore different ways to effectively communicate with people you work with.

What Resources and Services Can Help Me Get a Job?

The lessons below will teach you about how to find resources and agencies that can provide supports to help you become an active member in your community. Gathering and exploring your resources will ensure that you have the information and supports in place to be successful in the workplace.

Gathering Your Resources
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Explore resources and agencies that can support you in being successful in the workplace and your community.

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