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Labor Markets and Types of Employment

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  • Once you have identified some of your career interests and you begin your job exploration process, it is important to learn about the labor market and types of employment available to you in your local community. Knowing which jobs have a high need for employees can lead to more job opportunities for you.

    During this activity, you will research the labor market for at least two jobs that interest you. You can use O*Net or JOBS4TN to search for the job titles, then use the information on these sites to help you answer the questions below.

  • Comparing Labor Markets of Different Careers

    To complete the section below, research at least two jobs that interest you and answer the following questions.
  • Job #1

    Answer the following questions based on the FIRST job you want to explore
  • Job #2

    Answer the following questions based on the SECOND job you want to explore.
  • Job #3

    If you would like to add a third career for comparison you may do so below, but you are NOT required to in order to submit the form! Answer the following questions based on the THIRD job you want to explore.
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