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New training. Incorporating a Person-Driven Approach Into Pre-Employment Transition Services. Click to watch.

Supporting Strong Transitions for Youth with Disabilities

Welcome to Transition Tennessee’s hub for resources and professional development on Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS). This “blueprint” offers guidance on the components of Pre-ETS to assist providers in delivering high quality services to students with disabilities transitioning to higher education and employment. Get started by logging in and viewing one of our new professional development courses below.


The Foundations of Pre-ETS & The Five Pillars of Pre-ETS

Power of Early Work Experience
An Overview of WIOA and Pre-ETS
Connecting with Employers and Families
Introduction to Self-Advocacy
Work-Based Learning
Job Exploration Counseling
Postsecondary Education Counseling
Workplace Readiness Training
Strategies for Effective Instruction
Developing Strong Partnerships

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Transition Tennessee is a collaboration between the Tennessee Department of Human Services – Vocational Rehabilitation, Vanderbilt University’s Department of Special Education, and TennesseeWorks.