After you’ve done your research and made connections within the business community, think about the most important information they need to know about your student. Develop your own elevator pitch to use once you’re in the room with an employer or members of the business community. We’ve included a few example pitches based on several students pursuing different types of early work experiences. One of these examples includes a student’s pitch for themselves.

Here are some things to consider when developing an elevator pitch:

  • Keep it brief! Elevator pitches should be a minute or They should take about the same time as an elevator ride.
  • Use clear language and avoid
  • Practice ahead of
  • Keep it focused on what you can offer them, not what they can offer
  • Know the Visit the company or search their social media to understand how your student could benefit them.
  • Be Sell your student (or program). Share any prior experience they have and emphasize positive personal traits. Include any skills practiced in a work setting, even simulated settings in the school or volunteering.
  • Provide contact information and recommendations from other
  • Help your students develop their own elevator pitch for

About Gabrielle

Gabrielle is a 16-year-old high school junior. She has always loved cars and expressed interest in working as an auto detailer. Her family and friends pay her to clean their cars on the weekends. Gabrielle is receiving Pre-Employment Transition Services at her school. Her teacher and provider are working together to get Gabrielle a summer internship at a local car dealership so she can get more formal experience in auto detailing. The provider prepares an elevator pitch to share about Gabrielle.

Example Elevator Pitch for Gabrielle

I have a student, Gabrielle, who I think would be a great fit for a potential internship at this dealership. She’s 16 years old. She absolutely loves everything about cars, and wants to work as a detailer after graduating. In fact, she’s made extra money by detailing her family and friends’ cars on the weekends. Gabrielle is extremely detailed and is always on time, if not early. I’ve noticed how welcoming and personable everyone is at your dealership, and feel Gabrielle’s personality will fit in really well here. We will provide a job coach, who can help her get comfortable in the work environment and with tasks. The job coach will not be disruptive to the work environment and will fade support over time. And I’m always a phone call or email away. Let me share my contact information with you, along with some businesses who have loved working with my students in the past.

About Kevin

Kevin is a 15-year-old high school sophomore. After participating in career exploration activities and conversations, he has expressed an interest in working in a career in physical fitness. However, he’s pursuing a lot of different career options within that field, including being a trainer, a sports/fitness nutritionist, or a medical assistant. Kevin’s provider wants to set up some job shadowing experiences to help him narrow down his interest. The provider prepares a pitch to share with a local YMCA.

Example Elevator Pitch for Kevin

Kevin, one of my students, loves everything about physical fitness and activity. He works out all the time at your YMCA, and is exploring several careers related to this passion. He’s interested in becoming a physical trainer after graduation. However, he has lots of questions about what this job would look like on a day to day basis and what he should be doing to prepare for this career. We are interested in setting up a one-day job shadowing experience at your YMCA branch, where he could specifically follow the personal trainers and perhaps be able to interview them about their jobs. We will develop a list of questions with Kevin ahead of time to help prepare him for the experience. Let me share my contact information with you, so we can talk more about this opportunity.

About Emily

Emily is a 19-year-old student in a transition skills class. She is exploring options for an internship to gain hands-on experience before she exits high school. She is very creative and has a passion for art. She is also very tech-savvy and enjoys designing on her iPad. Her provider has worked with her to find local graphic design businesses. With her provider, Emily has been practicing interview skills and has prepared an elevator pitch for herself upon meeting with the local businesses.

Example Elevator Pitch for Emily

Hello, my name is Emily. I have researched your company online and believe I would be an asset to your design team. I have always had a passion for art, and spend most of my free time practicing online design. I would love the opportunity to learn more with your company. I am hoping to work with you one or two days each week to continue building my design skills. I’ve been working on my own to learn about graphic design, but I have a mentor who would come with me to help me in a new workplace. I am hard-working, responsible, eager to learn, and have a positive attitude. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for your time!


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