Different jobs require different skills sets. These skill sets include combinations of soft skills and technical skills. It is important to have both strong soft skills and technical skills to be successful in any and all job roles. Technical skills will vary from job to job, but soft skills will remain the same. Use this document to review soft skills vs. technical skills with your students.

Skill Type Soft Skills Technical Skills
What is it?  

Soft skills include skills involving your personal characteristics and work ethic, or desire to work hard.


Technical skills are skills you have to be able to do in order to meet the job requirements.
How do I use it?  

Soft skills are applicable across most career clusters. Soft skills are less likely to vary in certain job roles. Soft skills begin to develop through the work you do at school.


Technical skills are dependent on the job tasks that need to be accomplished in a certain job role. These are likely to vary greatly across career clusters.
What are examples? –       Verbal communication

–       Written communication

–       Conflict management

–       Problem-solving

–       Organization

–       Decision making

–       Time management

–       Public speaking

–       Critical thinking

–       Collaboration

–       Creativity

–       Leadership

–       Computer skills

o   Microsoft Office

o   Google Drive

o   Typing

o   Email

–       Video editing

–       Speaking multiple languages

–       Operating machinery

–       Project management

–       Math Skills

–       Data collection