Planning a worksite tour or field trip is a great activity for students exploring careers of interest.  Keep in mind that organizing and implementing a worksite tour requires communication, collaboration, and providing support and guidance to the business. Below you will find an outline of the major components to consider when coordinating a worksite tour or field trip.

  1. Identify the rules and regulations of the school district for off-site excursions
    • Inquire each year if any of the policies have changed or been modified
    • Ensure the safety of the students is by far the most important consideration
    • Be aware of time constraints regarding requests for off-site excursions and the support staff required for the event
  1. Discuss with school personnel the best days and times for students to be off-campus
    • Set up early in the planning process to avoid conflicts with other school activities
    • Identify two or three available dates to discuss with the business for the tour
  1. Identify businesses or companies willing to conduct worksite tours
    • Utilize your contacts and connections
    • Determine whether there are natural resources within the community
      • Parents
      • Local Organizations: Lions Club, Rotary Club, etc.
      • Local Businesses: Chamber of Commerce, local chapters of federal agencies
  1. Coordinate the details of the visit with businesses
    • Set up a pre-tour meeting to gain first-hand experience of the business and discuss the event.
    • Be clear about the objectives and vision for the tour and make sure the employers agree
      • Create a schedule for the visit
      • What types of information employers should share with the students
    • Seek any additional ideas or input the business has about what to include in the tour
    • Support the business in creating a plan for the tour
      • Explain that the students want to observe employees engaging in a typical workday such as:
        • How do they start their day, are there morning tasks and afternoon tasks?
        • How do they start their day and manage their time? Do they complete the same job every day? Or do their assignments change frequently?
        • How do they spend break time? What does a meal break look like?
        • How are group projects assigned?
      • Explain various job positions and employee roles within the company
      • Share format expectation: presentations, physical tour, question and answer portions
  1. Arrange for off-site transportation
    • Can the school provide transportation?
    • Is public transportation available?


  1. Assist students in notifying teachers of their upcoming absence
    • Plan in advance. Review policy for absences with students
    • Support students in developing a plan for class work that needs to be made up
    • Encourage responsibility and accountability with the students
  1. Obtain parent/guardian permission forms
    • Provide relevant information to parents
  1. Review and plan for the accommodations and medical needs of students
    • What can the business do to ensure accessibility?
    • What are the individualized needs of students who will be attending this tour?
    • Are there important sensory issues to be considered?
    • Is more support staff needed to ensure students’ needs are met?
  1. Assign students to worksite tours based on their career interests
    • Review students’ self-assessments or career interest surveys
  1. Prepare students for worksite tours
    • Conduct background research on the business with students
    • Go over expectations
      • Schedule
      • Dress code
      • Behavior
      • Transportation
    • Brainstorm questions with the students to ask the business
  1. Follow-up to reinforce and connect the experience to academic content
    • Provide opportunities for reflection on experiences
      • Promote self-reflection and assess the experience
    • Create small projects using the information learned on the tour. Examples include:
      • PowerPoint or visual presentation on the highlights of the tour
      • Drawings of the business process
      • Infographic on the workplace and their key services
      • Research on local companies in the same industry