Workplace Role Play Models

  • Specific modules and tasks for jobs in 5 areas: restaurant, health care, banking, grocery store, and park district

I Can Work! Modules

  • Specific vocational modules include clerical, retail, food service, and grocery

Project Discovery Kit

  • Career kits include video modeling, hands-on tools, assessments, and digital instructions
  • Adapted curriculum includes cleaning maintenance, filing, greenhouse work, grocery clerking, hair care and styling, mail handling, table service, child care, animal care, autobody repair, caregiver, carpentry, food service, health and nutrition, retailing, skin and nail care, and small engine repair

PAES – Practical Assessment Exploration

  • Real tools to develop work skills in 5 areas: computer technology, construction/industrial, processing/production, consumer/service, and business/marketing

Reality Works

  • Learning aids for hands-on experience 4 areas: agriculture, trade skills, family and consumer sciences (FCS), and health

Additional Resources for Guidance on Implementing Simulated Work

U.S. Department of Education: Simulated Work-Based Learning Instructional Approaches and Noteworthy Practices

  • Includes information on Simulated Tools and Simulated Workplaces (pages 7-10)
  • Highlights considerations for adoption and case study examples, including up-front research and budgeting for long-term expenses

11 Steps to Creating a Simulated Workplace

  • Highlights key practices to achieve success in a classroom Simulated Workplace