If the school already has an SBE, you can support the students in the SBE program. Collaborate with the individual organizing and running the SBE to brainstorm areas that need support or development. Additional activities to consider in supporting work-based learning in your Pre-ETS instruction are listed below.

  • If students are not yet involved in the SBE or will be applying for a new role soon, prepare for the application and interview processes.
    1. Conduct mock interviews. Give students feedback on their responses and communication skills, including both verbal and nonverbal communication.
    2. Discuss with student’s what role they may want to take on. Analyze the difference between roles and which ones most closely match their PINS
  • Help develop aspects of the SBE that are not fully solidified.
    1. Increase visibility of the SBE by having students create marketing materials that promote the business.
    2. Develop opening and closing procedures
    3. Collaborate on creating a safety plan for the SBE
  • Observe students working in the SBE.
    1. Communicate with the supervisor about an observation schedule to regularly observe students and provide feedback on their work.
    2. Use the task analysis form (see supplemental materials) to record and maintain data over time
  • Meet with students to reflect on experiences in an SBE
    1. Meet individually or in a small group to reflect on how the experience is going. If there are challenges or concerns, develop action steps to resolve.
    2. Connect students experiences to skills that they will need in a job. Ask them to reflect on various work tasks and if they would like to do that in a future job.
  • Gather artifacts from the SBE to use in a Transition Portfolio.
    1. Have students showcase promotional materials they created.
    2. Take photos of students working to add to their portfolio.
    3. If evaluation feedback is positive, students can add that information to their portfolio.