What is Work-Based Learning?

Work-based learning (WBL) provides employment learning opportunities for students. When students can work in the community, they are better equipped to transition from the classroom to the workplace successfully. Students’ knowledge, skills, and attitudes are enhanced by participating in supervised, authentic work experiences. Your business and industry serve a vital role in this process, and we are excited about your interest in working with us.

What does WBL mean to you as an employer?

  • Providing WBL experiences within your business/company/organization can look different based on your resources, time, and interests. Students, teachers, and other support providers are eager to connect with you to support and facilitate these opportunities.
  • On an individual level, you can become a career mentor for a student or offer time for informational interviews.
  • On a company-wide level, you can offer job shadowing opportunities, workplace tours, and volunteering opportunities.
  • On a more in-depth level, your organization can provide paid and non-paid work and internship opportunities.

The Benefits of WBL

WBL presents benefits for the participating companies, the current employees, and the students participating in WBL experiences.  It fosters collaboration among the schools, potential employers, and the community while deepening existing community relationships.

  • Creating a pool of skilled and motivated prospective employees
  • Providing a more diverse candidate pool, which may reduce future training costs and employee turnover
  • Providing opportunities for communities and employers to develop respect and understanding among individuals with and without disabilities
  • Employees with disabilities are reliable and have a high retention rate when compared to employees without disabilities
  • Employees with disabilities are absent less frequently than those without disabilities and are more likely to remain in their job role
  • Potential for prospective employees to bring new ideas, a fresh approach to problem-solving, and enthusiasm for work