In this training, we will be discussing how Transition Tennessee’s Student Website can be used with a person-driven approach to enhance the delivery of transition services to students. We will provide examples of how this tool can be used to increase collaboration between students, families, teachers, and providers.


Jena Galster and Wendi Gearing both work for Transition Tennessee within the Special Education Department at Vanderbilt University and funded by the Department of Human Services. They are both am primarily responsible for creating resources and professional development curriculum for students and providers focusing on Pre-Employment Transition Services as well as collaborating with other agencies, heading the student advisory board, and providing trainings. These efforts offer guidance on the components of Pre-ETS to assist providers in delivering high quality services to students with disabilities transitioning to higher education and employment.

Wendi has over 35 years of professional experience working in the education and disability field, including 25 years in Inclusive higher education’s programs and over 3 years with Transition Tennessee. Jena has a degree in Special Education from Xavier University. She worked as a special education teacher for eight years prior to taking on her role with Transition Tennessee in 2019.