Work-Based Learning (WBL) is an important opportunity and capstone experience to engage students in their focus industry area. Research has shown that paid work experience in high school is the number one indicator of postsecondary employment for students with disabilities. A new alternate academic diploma (AAD) WBL course has been developed to support the students working towards the AAD. This presentation will provide an overview of the three work-based learning courses and guidance for when the AAD WBL is the most appropriate course selection for a student.


Allison Gauld

Alison A. Gauld, Tennessee Department of Education Low Incidence and Autism Coordinator for Special Populations, taught special education for children with low incidence disabilities within the public schools for over 20 years. At the department, Alison has been involved in the policy, guidance, and training including instructionally appropriate IEPs, instructional strategies, behavior, occupational diploma, alternate academic diploma, transition, supported decision making, and alternate assessment. Alison’s work reflects her strong belief that all students can and will achieve. She has a BA in Special Education and a MA in Educational Leadership from Arizona State University.