Guiding Principles

Introduction to Course

Welcome to our introductory course on the Guiding Principles of Transition in Tennessee! These core values serve as the foundation for effective transition process and will guide assessment, planning, goal development, and implementation of services and supports to help students achieve their goals for adulthood.

Course Objectives
  • Recognize the importance of preparing students for further education, employment, and independent living through the transition process
  • Identify the core principles that promote successful transitions for students with disabilities and guide the work of educators in this process
  • Become familiar with the recommended best practices connected to each core principle
Guiding Questions
  • How would you describe a successful transition for students with disabilities?
  • What foundational principles inform the transition process implemented with your students?
  • What strategies and practices have you found most effective and valuable in preparing students for life after graduation?

See how these students and teachers define “success” and “self-determination”