Pathways to Employment

Introduction To Course
Welcome to our Pathways to Employment course! Every student’s transition from high school to adulthood is a journey full of choices, new ideas and some uncertainty. Ensuring your students have well-planned vocational experiences will prepare them for their adult career.
Course Objectives
  • Understand the requirements of IDEA regarding Career Development
  • Become familiar with the structure of Career Development
  • Be able to identify sequenced experiences that begin early and increase over time
  • Understand how to provide opportunities that align with employer needs and student preferences
  • Understand how employer partnerships benefit all stages of Career Development instruction
Guiding Questions
  • How have you identified your students’ preferences, skills, needs and desires during Career Development?
  • What is the process of ensuring these preferences, skills, needs and desires are part of the student’s Transition Plan?
  • What business partnerships have you developed to meet the needs of your students through each stage of Career Development?
  • What planning do you do to ensure your students have robust, sequenced, Career Development experiences?
  • How do you ensure Career Development is braided into the academic curriculum?

Lessons & Additional Resources

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