Providers of Pre-ETS play an essential role in preparing students for employment or enrollment in postsecondary education. Below you will find information that addresses the impact of WIOA on the delivery of transition services.

Impact of WIOA on the Delivery of Services

Which students are eligible for receiving Pre-ETS? (Must meet all of the following criteria)

  • Students that are 14 to 22 years old
  • Students under 18 must have legal guardian consent to receive services
  • Students with an IEP, 504 plan, or documented disability
  • Students that have not been declared eligible or ineligible for VR services

Who may be involved in providing Pre-ETS to students? (One or more of the following)

  • VR Pre-Employment Transition Specialists
  • Transition School to Work Personnel (TSWs)
  • Community Rehabilitation Providers (CRPs)
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors

What services are included in Pre-ETS?

  • Providers focus on the delivery of five specific categories of services, which include:
    • Job Exploration Counseling, Postsecondary Education Counseling, Work-Based Learning, Workplace Readiness, and Training in Self-Advocacy. (see table 1 for more details)
  • Students may receive any combination of Pre-ETS in addition to their current transition services

When should students be referred to VR?

  • At any time a student can apply to be a VR client
  • Student’s interested in VR services should be referred to the VR counselor in their county
  • Students of junior and senior status should be strongly encouraged to connect with their local VR counselor to assist in determining eligibility for services and in obtaining employment

How are Pre-ETS documented?

  • Providers must demonstrate that students receive coordinated services through real-time documentation.
  • Providers will generate service reports to VR monthly (See sample report under supplemental materials)

Resources for Additional Information

Pre-Employment Transition Services Implementation Checklist

This checklist was developed to assist States with the implementation and provision of pre-employment transition services. States may use this checklist as a guide in organizing required documents and as a plan of action moving forward.

CRP Pre-ETS Guidebook

This 60-page resource includes in-depth information and strategies for community rehabilitation