Here are some activities for small and large groups to practice active listening skills.

  1. What’s your passion?
  • Pair up the students
  • Have each student spend 3 minutes discussing a hobby or passion. The other student should be listening and might want to take notes.
  • After 3 minutes, have the students switch partners and repeat the activity.
  • Each student will then share with the class the information they obtained from the interview.
  1. What’s my job?
    • Pair up the students
    • Give one student a job title with a job description.
    • The student with the job title and job description will start the conversation by providing a clue about the job, for example, “I sit at a desk most of the day.”
    • The second student will then ask a related question. “Do you have a computer at your desk?
    • This back and forth exchange will continue until the job is guessed.
  1. Change the news.
    • Divide the class into two groups and tell the students that you will be reading a news article out loud to them.
    • Read the article exactly as it is written
    • Tell the students that you will be rereading the article, but will be changing some of the information
    • Tell the students to raise their hands when they hear something that differs from the first reading
    • The team that identifies the most changes – wins
  1. Continue the story.
  • Run the activity as a whole group
  • The first person will start a story with one sentence.
  • The next person must add a sentence, but it must start with the last word.
  • The process continues until each student has a turn.


Student 1: “A long time ago we didn’t have cars.

Student 2: “Cars were needed for transportation to and from towns.

Student 3: “Towns were far apart from each other.


If you have a large group, you can modify the activity by having each person add one word, instead of a whole sentence.