Mentee’s name_________________________   Your name_____________________________

Dates of mentorship_____________________

About the Mentorship Experience
Did you… Yes No Comments
Meet regularly?      
Provide regular feedback and constructive criticism?      
Explore potential career or educational opportunities in your meetings?      
Discuss other Work-Based Learning opportunities (i.e. internships, shadow, etc.)      
Discuss education or training opportunities?      


About Mentee
The mentee… Strongly Disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly Agree
Communicated well in meetings with me          
Accepted advice and encouragement          
Brought up relevant topics to seek my input or advice          
Asked meaningful questions related to careers          
Acted professionally in meetings          


What were two of the most beneficial activities you did with your mentee?

The top two strengths I observed in my mentee were:

The top two areas for growth I observed in my mentee are:

Ways, if any, this mentoring partnership could be more effective?