Working with students before they conduct an informational interview will help prepare them and build their confidence. Here are some activities that will assist with informational interview preparation.

  1. Practice conversational skills
    • Rehearse professional greetings, ways to transition in a conversation, and being professional.


  1. Practice listening skills
    • The key information gathered will come from careful listening. See the supplemental resource on activities to practice listening skills. (hyper link)
    • Encourage students to ask questions based off responses. The student’s follow-up question in the scenario below is an example:
      • Student: “What training did you have prior to this job?”
      • Employee: “I did not have any formal training. However, I wish I had done an apprenticeship beforehand because there was a lot to learn initially.”
      • Student: “Oh, I see. What skills from an apprenticeship would have been helpful when starting out?”


  1. Come up with questions to ask during interview
    • Aim to ask questions you could not get from an internet search. Questions should be directed at specific job roles or specific industries.
    • Avoid asking for advice. Keep the interview focused on the job and the person’s experience.
    • Write questions to ask in the student form. (hyper link)
    • See the supplemental resource on sample questions to ask.


  1. Practice facilitating an Informational Interview
    • Have students practice conducting Informational Interviews with you or with one another.
    • Give students a homework assignment to practice running their Informational Interview with a family member or friend.